One of Grace’s signature design innovations, the Ballet Lesson leather pleats are an element that took seven years to perfect, a testament to her persistence and commitment to quality.

一段內省的經歷啟發Grace著手創作她的百褶皮革作品。在那段內省的經歷中,她從百褶皮革看見自己、母親對她的影響,以及Grace Han品牌所代表的女性。這些堅不可屈的線條卻展現無比的流暢性,此一衝突完美詮釋了女性的多元面向與深刻底蘊,可剛可柔,時而理性,時而感性。而百褶也是對太陽及其從地平線發出的金色光芒的歌頌,為觀者帶來寧靜和溫暖 — 這是 Grace Han 品牌的核心元素。

Grace 在她的工作室創作了百褶工藝,由於所需的專業技術,她在台灣只找到一間手工作坊能複製她的標準,每個百褶皮面需花費一天純手工製作。


The pleats came to influence many of Grace’s evolving bag designs, even down to the shapes and subtle patterns of the hardware. She also took inspiration from her love for Baroque architecture, with the shapes reflecting her interpretation of the arcs and layers synonymous with the movement. They complement our bags with their simplicity, elegance, durability and slender form.

Bespoke hardware can require months of tweaking and stress-testing hundreds of prototypes before moving on to the production stage. Our hardware partner then uses the latest technology during manufacturing, which ensures our hardware does not corrode, rust, or stain. Grace has always worked closely with her hardware designer to ensure the right quality, metallic hues, and shapes met the desired unctions and complemented the leather rather than stealing its limelight. Balance was key.


如同好的作品需要時間淬鍊,Grace Han的皮革包也需歷時三個月至一年,經過數百個原型的測試與改良,才終於打造出一款完美的Grace Han設計包款。過去數年中,Grace測試了無數的皮革樣本、包款雛形及金屬配件,以工藝與時間淬煉完美,這些都再再展現了Grace堅毅不妥協的性格。

Ballet Lesson 鏈條包是我們最具代表性的作品,完美詮釋了為了一個設計所付出的繁複工序。如今,Ballet Lesson 系列中每個百褶皮面需要至少一天純手工製作,而組裝一款包袋則需花費 36 小時以上。

With the majority of production initially in Italy, handcrafted in the finest Italian leathers, Grace is building the brand’s own custom workshop in her native Taiwan, with the eventual aim being to move more production there from Italy and taking control of the supply chain.